Super Spreaders

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News/AP a wedding reception in early August held at an isolated inn has been traced to more than 175 cases of the virus and at least seven deaths. None of these people attended the reception. Only about 65 close family members and friends were on the illegal guest list for the rustic celebration, but its sad affect has reached beyond the guest list. In fact, the minister who officiated has ten cases of the virus in his home church. And, we continue having spreader events such as motorcycle rallies, political gatherings, and social protests. Now, we have football, too.

We deceive ourselves! This past Saturday, I saw the end of the Norte Dame football game when the players stood, each six feet apart, to sing the school song. Then they all walked or jogged into a tunnel, most touching the good luck sign, before being squeezed into a stairway, now shoulder pad to pad. So much for social distancing.

As we know from recordings of President Trump made by Bob Woodward, this is a virus 5x as deadly as the flu, and it is an airborne one. But we act as if we are, like the Baptist minister who conducted the Millinocket wedding, immune to this deadly and costly pandemic.

We may have some success at a lack of super spreader clusters, such as Duke University now experiences. But I think the airborne virus will eventually conquer us unless we follow science and isolate it, and  that can be done by only one way short of a vaccine. We must bite the hard pill and isolate ourselves to rid us of this scourge.

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