Returning to Eden ( A Field Guide for the Spiritual Journey)

Quoir Publishing, $19.99 Heather Hamilton Heather Hamilton has written a book that will challenge evangelicals and encourage non-literal readers of the Bible and other Christian theology. Hamilton was reared as an evangelical and held to that as a young adult, but when she had to confront an emotional crises as a mother and wife, sheContinue reading “Returning to Eden ( A Field Guide for the Spiritual Journey)”


The house in which we live was constructed in 1996, but it is not completed. Yes, the builder planted shrubs and flowers, paid all the workers, and placed a For Sale sign in the front yard. In that way, our house was finished. However, anyone who has ever lived in any dwelling for a lengthContinue reading ”                                                Maintenance”

      “It’s Already Wednesday”

Moving is a knot of conflict. Six years ago my wife and I moved from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia to Lake Norman in North Carolina. Despite being only a five-hour drive south, our new home on LKN was thought to be our last, but as a thought may do, it dissolved into change. NowContinue reading ”      “It’s Already Wednesday””