Timber Road Extended

It’s difficult to argue against a saving of $15 million of taxpayer money, but a saving is only as good as its final computation.

The Mooresville Town Board has unanimously agreed to allow a developer to extend Timber Road from Route 115 to Route 21 for a new 560-unit development. The Mooresville Town Board members laud that it will be the developer who finances the Timber Road extension to Route 21 with one spur for future connection to Foursquare Road and two other future connections—one to the south and one towards Route 115.

Since moving to Lake Norman five years ago, I have watched as the traffic woes become more and more like those of Washington, DC from where I moved. For instance, our elected leaders, such as Ms. Sawyer, seem to think that widening a section of road will ease traffic congestion. In a recent article, Ms. Sawyer bragged about a short widening of Route 150 near Morrison Plantation Road and another at the turn-off for Lake Norman High School. Other elected leaders appear to believe that a stop light with a short widening on either side of a newly created intersection will make a difference—I write about the Talbert Road development between Route 150 and Brawley School Road. And let us not forget the traffic congestion on all of Route 150 and Brawley School Road that is caused by development.

I wonder did the Mooresville Town Board study where all the cars generated by the Timber Road extension will go once they intersect with Route 21 or Route 115? Route 21 is already overly congested, and Route 115 is a small, two-lane road that struggles to handle its traffic load now, so how will these roads, like Route 150 and Brawley School Road move traffic?

I understand tax base and its partner-development. I get it. However, I value a quality of life and appreciate the influence of traffic on it. Any congestion in life is bad, whether in lungs, air, or traffic. I ask all elected leaders to think beyond the short term and think a bit out of that old and tired box that more is better.

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