Things to Worry

      This Saturday morning’s heat and humidity are too much, so I am staying in the comfort of our home trying to read the paper, but the litany of issues facing me keeps coming to mind. Just yesterday I had to pay over $4.00 a gallon for gasoline. Earlier this week our grocery bill was $170.00 for a few bags of food, and my wife told me that the grocery store can no longer obtain and stock my favorite apple. The clamoring over cultural wars grates on my nerves, and politicians continue to campaign on anything but an issue. I am tired of COVID. I also tire of shootings and murder on our streets. The southern border has been a mess for years, and no leader that I can see has a solution. The whining Supreme Court Jurists sound like spoiled children, and speaking of children, when will our infants have a ready supply of formula? I keep hearing about the January 6 Committee but wonder when something of substance will come from it, or will it be a fizzle like the Muller report?

This is quite a bit for a retired educator to face, but as I re-read my list of issues and the daily news,  I became thankful  that the democracy under which I live is safe and that no enemy threatens America. I relax, knowing that we are safe. For now.

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