A Letter to My Congressman

Dear Congressman McHenry: Yesterday’s mail brought your most recent flyer which touted on one side some of your 2021 accomplishments and on the reverse side broadcasted, “I want to hear from you.” Below you listed selected issues with a box next to each for checking their concern and a space for “Other.” The list is a litany of standard complaints, whether real or imagined. The issues in order of your listing are: “Inflation and the Economy”, “Crime”, “Gas Prices”, “Taxes &Spending”, “Education Policy”,  “Vaccine Mandates”, “COVID-19”, “Illegal Immigration”, “Gun Rights”, “National Debt’, “Social Security”, “Healthcare”, “Moral Issues’, “National Defense”, “Other.”

Since you reside in Denver, NC, west of Lake Norman, you must know that, like many areas of NC, Mooresville suffers from too much growth in construction of  homes and businesses, but not in roads that can accommodate such expansion. Route 150 which crosses I-77 in Iredell County and continues west across Lake Norman is just one example of traffic troubles. Yet, there is nothing about this economic stifling mess in your flyer. Sir, you must be aware of the dire situation, so why is that not listed as a possible issue of interest for voters in the 10th District? Also, I remind you that other roads such as Brawley School and Williamson Roads in the district are not improving to keep pace and our economy will suffer unless road expansion happens.

Representative McHenry, as an American citizen, I am deeply concerned about the January 6th attack on our democracy. Yet nowhere in your flyer is this assault on our democracy mentioned. I believe you were present in the Capitol during the attack, so it is a fact that you are aware that it occurred, but you do not note it anywhere. Our government is threatened, and my representative does not list it as a possible issue of importance! In your flyer, you write, “As your Congressman, I know that I work for you. That’s why my staff and I do everything we can to be of assistance on matters involving the federal government.” Because you write these words, I ask you Sir,  to assist the January 6th Committee in all ways so that the truth of what happened on that dreadful and dangerous day be told. Someone attacked our federal government, so I encourage you to work with your colleagues to find out who.

One final comment concerning your flyer, Representative McHenry,  and it is one that I hope all American voters will be as repulsed by as am I at your mentioning of “Moral Issues” in a United States Government paid for advertisement. I know you attended and graduated from a Catholic college with a degree in history. I read that you family and you attend a church in Denver, NC, and I applaud your attendance to a house of worship.  But nowhere in your official biography is it written that you have a degree or training in “Moral Issues”, and as a student of history you must be aware that a mentioning of “Moral Issues” borders on trampling on our separation of church and state. I struggle, Sir, to understand how you as a Congressman can help any voter or me with “Moral Issues.”

However, because you mention morality, I ask you, as a member of the Judo-Christian belief, is it moral to support the Big Lie? Is it moral to oppose a commission to determine who attacked America on January 6? Are you, with every vote you make in Congress, being moral?  Is it moral to write the words you did explaining your vote on January 6 concerning the certification of the electoral vote:  (italics are mine) “I also worry about the long-term consequences these actions could have on the Electoral College, which the left has been seeking to eliminate for years. They know its elimination would empower the voters in corrupt and mismanaged blue states like California, Illinois, and New York to be decisive in electing our President. I have no doubt that activists on the left will use Congress’ votes against legally submitted electors as further evidence for why the Electoral College must be eliminated.” Sir, do you have evidence of corrupt and mismanagement in those states? Are you being moral in this accusation or just another politician acting immorally?

Your presence as a representative for me, Sir, worries me because, if your flyer is any indication, you lack the intelligence and moral character to represent any voter anywhere. Perhaps you should seek another line of work.

Respectfully, Roger Barbee, Mooresville, NC

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