This story is fiction, but it all happened


Parents of the wrestling coach were of two camps: He was the greatest or he was the worst. Some of the parents wanted to take their complaints to the school board, but some supported Coach fully. They all did agree on one thing, however, and that was they had to come to some consensus for the sake of their children. That is how the meeting that I attended came about. Names are absent to protect their sons and daughters.

Parent A thanked all for attending and offered his view that Coach was doing a fine job with his team, even if he was “rough around the edges” at times. After all, Parent A observed, The team had won two state titles in  the last five years and had crowned many individual state champions in the past ten years.

Yes, answered Parent B, but what do you say about his seating chart in his classroom?

What do you mean? another parent asked.

Well, explained Parent B, he has all the more attractive girls assigned to seats near his desk and the boys are assigned to seats next to the  door and what girls are left he seats at the back of the classroom. Don’t you find that creepy?

No, of course not responded Parent C, Coach is as good a teacher as he is a coach, he knows what he is doing. Don’t make a big deal of his seating chart.

Well, asked Parent D, what about the way he  has the cheerleaders ride in the front of the bus with him to away meets?

Parent C again answered that Coach has good reasons for what he does.  I admit it’s kinda’ strange, but he does win. That what’s he’s paid to do.

Ghee, someone said from the back of the room, is that all some of you care about, how his  teams win or lose?

Parent A said, Look, Coach made our son a two-time state champion. He’s looking for his third crown. I could care less how coach surrounds himself with some of the prettier girls in our school. Has he ever done anything illegal with one in all his years here. NO, and that one syllable was screamed.

Another parent asked about the episode the year before concerning the scabies infection.

What do you mean? asked a parent new to the team.

Well, she answered, my son told me that when the health department gave the team the lotion to use against the infection, the coach demonstrated how to apply the lotion by applying it to the back and nape of the neck of Wrestler X, one of his favorites and one of the best wrestler.

You must be mistaken the new parent gasped.

Oh, come on, Parent C exclaimed, Coach had to do that so that the boys would know how to apply the lotion correctly to the backs of each other. It’s the same as showing a  move.

I find that creepy said some parent from the back.

Well, it must have worked said Parent A because the infection was quickly cured, and our  team went on to win Regionals and placed in States.

Parent E who had not spoken asked, Are any of you concerned with his tough and often crude language?

Yes, chimed in Parent B, I find it awful and so does my son. He tells me that in practices Coach’s language is often foul and full of crude observations. He ridicules people during practices.

Okay, answered Parent C, this has gone on enough. Coach has some ways that are, well, irregular. He is crude at times in ways I wish he were not. He cusses. But he has made our  boys winners on the mat and that is what matters.

Parent A chimed in, Yea, so what if he is not the most polished coach and that he likes to do things his way. He is  teaching our boys to win and that’s what matters. Thank you all for coming.

The accord had been reached.

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