Finally Separated


Is there any media outlet that would print or speak the n-word?  No, and for good reason because it is offensive to any enlightened person. It may still be heard in some conversations, but its use has decreased even in certain places and time. Like any word or phrase, its utterance reveals the thinking of the user.

However, as I read newspaper reports concerning President Trump’s twice breaking of one of the Ten Commandments during his speech at East Carolina University, I was saddened to see that the word which violates that Commandment in print. The same media outlets that will not print the n-word, printed the Lord’s name in vain in quoting the President of the United States.

We pride ourselves, it seems, on being a Christian nation. While the word God is not written in the Constitution, we like to applaud the Founding Fathers for their religious faith. We have our money carrying the words, “In God We Trust.” The Supreme Court of the United States just ruled that a cross honoring soldiers of WW II could remain on public land in Maryland. But a recent move in North Carolina by a local group, had the word Lord removed from a stone plaque. The debate of church and state continues today, as it did in 1776, but if asked, most citizens would say that we are a Christian nation.

If so then, why was the only uproar concerning Trump’s ECU speech about the chant “Send her back”? As far as I know, only one person wrote a letter rebuffing the President for his breaking of a Commandment. In fact, most people I asked were unaware that he had taken the Lord’s name in vain. Most responded that had he, the fake news media would have been all over him for it. Others responded that they did not believe  he had used such language.

In only reporting about the chant, which I find racist, I see that the breaking of a Commandment is not worthy of news coverage. The chant is more important to the news people and citizens of this Christian nation. In fact, the newspapers that did report Trump’s language saw no reason not to use the word, but, as I wrote, would never print the n-word or other derogatory ones.

So, here we have the President of the United States taking the Lord’s name in vain, twice, in a public university and little is said or commented about it. I guess, sadly, this shows that we have, indeed, separated church from state.

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