The July 20th edition of the Charlotte Observer printed a story by Mark Price discussing  President Trump’s speech at East Carolina University. Price writes how West Virginia State Senator Paul Hardesty sent a letter to Trump rebuking his taking of the Lord’s name in vain—twice. The article used the word twice in writing of Trump’s language and that one commentator on FreeRepublic.com criticized Trumps swearing. All other media it seems wrote about the chant, “Send her back,’ that was shouted out many times during the rally and how awful that was.

The chant is a racist one, and Trump, no matter his  Oval Office denial, urges followers to reveal that ugly streak of our Nation. Racism is alive and well in America, regardless of Obama being elected twice. We know that Trump is a liar and racist and more. Yet, what I don’t understand is where is the outcry against Trump taking the Lord’s name in vain? Is not our money stamped with, “In God We Trust”; do we not argue in courts that the Ten Commandments should be allowed to be carved above an entrance to any courthouse; did the Supreme Court not just rule that a cross is allowed to remain on public property in Maryland?

But, the President of the United States uses the word “goddamn” twice in a speech and few in our Christian nation object. Perhaps we are not as Christian as we think. After all, next Sunday take a count of the number of folks in any local shopping mall and compare that number with the attendance in a local church. Also, consider that the Charlotte Observer prints goddamn more than once in its article. If  the Observer is willing to print the word goddamn, is it willing to print the word nigger? I think the printing of the word used by Trump shows how fallen we are, and I wish the paper had chosen to treat it as it does the other offensive one.

In his 1942 novel, Mud on the Stars, William Bradford Huie, writes in explaining the unjust execution of a black man, “Complacency is a cancerous disease. Neither a man nor a nation can stand by silently and watch a great injustice done without having his own faith and self-respect impaired….I don’t believe that dogs and apes can destroy the great dream of liberty and justice and dignity. But they can devour the dead carcasses of men and nations whose strength has been sapped by complacency and concession.”

Huie uses his words in a novel, but he knew the hearts of folk, and if we do not shout to the rooftops for Trump to cease his use of racist and vulgar language, then we condone his words which reveal his thinking and character. We then accept his  ways.

I have heard Christians say in defending Trump, “The Lord has used bad men before to make changes.” Or, “We are all sinners, we live in a fallen world.” True. You are free to believe what you want, but if you accept this type of rhetoric then brace for what is to follow.


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